What is the 10/40 window?

Regions of the eastern hemisphere, plus the European and African part of the western hemisphere, located between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator, with the least access to the Gospel.

Discipleship courses for  poor and suffering nations of the 10/40 window 
Two new channels
launching soon
Urdu channel pre-launch: March 1st 2021
Launch date: March 23rd and 24th 2021

Aramaic Broadcast Network

ABN is a non-denominational ministry committed to presenting the Word of God and its transforming message of Jesus Christ to Arabic and Aramaic speaking people worldwide through media.

Trinity Channel

World renowned Christian apologists evangelize through live programming, bringing Muslims to Christ, equipping Christians with valuable resources in training and evangelism.

ABN Global Reap

Discipleship with curriculum partner Global University Reap International.

Upper part of Africa regions

Middle East nations

Far East and south Asia nations

Reaching the lost with the Gospel

Reaching the major 15 languages of these three regions of the world:

The upper part of Africa nations - reaching 34 countries - 1.2 billion people

The Middle East nations -18 countries - 436 million people

The Far East & South Asia Nations - 3.3 billion including China & India

Arabic discipleship program with brother Yousif Riad

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